Websites Created by irene


This site is to capture the hearts of childcare providers with hopes to get them motivated to use a specialize childcare bookkeeper to manager their books.  Value $600


This site is my personal site to market my tax and business company. 

Value $2500


This site is my personal site to motivate others to seek a coach when wanting to start a business.  Don't do it alone get advice.  Value $1500


This site is being recreated by me to capture an audience who  may need premature advice or encouragement when at risk of loosing a child prematurely.  Value "Donation"

Small Business Services


This site is for small business owners who are looking to start a business and could use IT Support Services . Value $1500


This is my personal site for my coaching business, mentor and youth speaking engagements.  Value $1900



This is my personal site to encourage others to create words of expressions memory books and electronically send cards to their love ones.  Value $2500.

TaxTime AnyTime


This is my personal site to market my online tax services to my current client and new clients who may be searching the web for online tax advice.  Value $2100


website Solution

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